Eight years ago today, my daughter Kahlia and I were in Moscow, Russia, for a meeting and conference of Global Education Futures (GEF).  It was a wonderful experience, not the least because we shared the adventure, both as tourists and as independent presenters at the event.  Indeed, it was the first time Kahlia spoke to an audience of over 500 people, presenting the results of a research study that she had conducted in the US and Argentina, comparing student responses to questions of what kind of education they foresaw, and desired to foresee, in the medium to long-term future.  Out of this experience came a paper we co-authored, though Kahlia was the primary author.  The paper was called “A Whole Systems Approach to Education Redesign: A Case Study on the Need for Inter-Generational Perspectives and Inclusion.

This was an experience of syntony at work as we explored and experienced life at play.  Eight years ago… and the play of life carries us on with syntony and spark.