Evolutionary Learning Path

Developing a keen syntony sense is not some mysterious art that only a shaman or high priestess can access. It’s like a muscle of your consciousness, but since most of us don’t flex it very often it tends to atrophy. I have developed the 5 Syntony Spheres to help you develop and hone your syntony sense.



The First Syntony Sphere
Focus: The intra-personal dimension of sustainability; thrivability within yourself.
– Ask: What brings meaning to my life? To what do I feel called to contribute? What are my talents and how can I use them to live into my highest calling?

The Second Syntony Sphere
Focus: The inter-personal dimension of sustainability; thrivability with your communities and social systems.
– Ask: What common cares bring us together? What defines our shared sense of humanity and makes for our shared vision? What do we want to create?

The Third Syntony Sphere
Focus: The trans-species dimension of sustainability; thrivability with the more than human world.
– Ask: What gifts do I receive from nature that I have not acknowledged? What relationships and connections need to be restored? What would a thriving relationship with nature look like?

The Fourth Syntony Sphere
Focus: The trans-generational dimension of sustainability; thrivability with past and future generations of all beings.
– Ask: What would my ancestors think of my work and life? What would our children’s children think of my choices? What does it mean to be a Future Ancestor now?

The Fifth Syntony Sphere
Focus: The pan-cosmic dimensions of sustainability; thrivability with the deep dimension of the cosmos.
– Ask: What messages come to me in flashes of insight and sudden inspiration when I feel truly aligned and connected with something greater than myself? What dreams give me a feeling of déjà vu and what is it about them that makes them seem so familiar?


If you want to know more about the Five Syntony Spheres and the ways involved in how to use them in day-to-day living, here’s an article on the practices that ensoul the cosmos and the expressions of connectedness they give rise to.

And for a more extended tour of how to embody and enact the Syntony Spheres, with examples from works of science fiction and my daily life (often indistinguishable), here’s an article on living systems, seeing systems, being systems that helps learn how to be the systems we want to see in the world.