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Welcome to my website. This is my work/play/learning space and I’m delighted you’re here. Dive in, swim around, go deep, or just splash about on the surface. Feel free to take anything home with you, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if something leaves you thirsting for more!



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In a nutshell (which is probably where I belong), I’m a researcher, professor, martial artist, and punster. I’m interested in how to human well, both individually and collectively. Expressions of Ubuntu and empathy fascinate me so I study them at the nexus of holistic being, transcendent sentience, and curated emergence. My work focuses on the praxis of evolutionary systems design (ESD), systemic innovation for thrivability, and syntony as an organizing force in social evolution.

Evolutionary Learning

Are you looking for ways to hone your syntony sense through some simple practices of attention and intention? Come play with the Five Syntony Spheres!

Evolutionary Learning Community

What is a thriving, healthy and authentic community that engages in self-directed sustainable development? Learn about Evolutionay Learning Community!

Evolutionary Learning Ecosystem

What happens when you get two or more ELCs to connect, co-create, and learn with and from each other? An Evolutionary Learning Ecosystem!

The syntony wave is a spiral of possibility, a galaxy with a smile, a dynamic yin-yang inviting us to join the cosmic play of coherence and co-arising.
The logo reminds us that transmuting looming danger into living opportunity is for Source’rers of the Ineffable who practice the artscience of flowing existence from moment to moment.

Blog categories

Have you ever had an experience of flow – like something was flowing you, like you were “in the zone” and everything was happening harmoniously and effortlessly? Maybe you were in the ocean, just floating on the waves, and it felt as though the boundaries of your body simply disappeared. Or you were walking in the woods and every way you went felt “right.” This is the story of syntony, and it lives in each of us. Let’s Go

Experiences of alignment, of tuning in and flowing with what’s emerging… these will be noted and shared here. Also, practices that can enhance your syntony sense, from the ancient and modern traditions in the Martial Arts and Mindfulness to more fantastical and imaginal approaches from Science Fiction and Fantasy. Can you feel your Spidey Sense tingling (… or is that just The Force moving through you?) Let’s Go

People, organizations, plants, and communities (to name just a few) can all show up as exemplary allies in helping us express the underlying coherence of existence. Who (or what) is flowing you into your next expression of thrivability? Naming these allies (and linking to them – either via the digital Internet or the natural Ethernet) helps weave our web of connective intelligence. Let’s Go

Here we’ll explore what “being smarter together” really means. What are the conditions for collective intelligence to emerge? How can we learn how to thrive and thrive how to learn? And why is the future of our species dependent on our ability not just to think/sense/be independently but actually on how to think/sense/be interdependently? From being to interbeing to interbecoming. That’s what we’ll explore here. Let’s Go

If you want to master the ebb and flow of Interbeing and to become an alchemist of syntony, you’ll need to develop the skills and competencies of empathetic humaning. Listening into the powerful capacities of those who have mastered this technique (such as little children or big bushy dogs, or even patient wise trees) can help us learn to human better. That’s powerful juju, so get your syntony mojo on, tune in and flow! Let’s Go

A collection inspirational, sometimes funny, sometime quirky quotes, to help you surf the waves of syntony, day in and day out. Although they vary in profundity and poignancy, what gets them on this blog is that they each provide some form of individual inspiration for collective aspiration. You’ll find such things right here, as phrased and formulated just so by many great hearts and minds. Let’s Go

Organizations I work with:

Bertalanffy Center
for the Study of System Science

The Laszlo Institute
of New Paradigm Research

Global Education Futures

Unity Foundation

EARTHwise Centre

Social Systems Lab

Ecocivilisation Movement

Living Cities • Earth