Dive Deeper

Here’s where you’ll find a selection of articles, papers, book chapters and, well, generally stuff you can read if you want to dive deeper into the worlds I inhabit.  They seem to have organized themselves into affinity groups.

Syntony Starter Kit

If you want to get into more specific syntony-related material, here are some good (and relatively short) articles to review – Find them here

Science & Spirituality

Here you’ll find material that explores the nature of reality in both spiritual and scientific traditionsFind them here

System Thinking & Design

The science, art, and praxis of systems thinking applied to the challenges of being human.  This collection explores what it means to engage with the world from a systemic perspectiveFind them here

Evolutionary Learning

Evolutionary learning is fundamentally about how we learn about life and the world around us – both in formal and informal learning environmentsFind them here

Systemic Innovation

This material considers how science, technology, society and design can work together from a systems perspective to emerge thrivable societiesFind them here

Transformative Change

This collection explores metamorphosis in all it’s human flavors, from the personal to the transpersonal and all the in-between forms of common-unity.Find them here


Here you’ll find a variety of interviews … (ikr)Find them here

Some references require payment, and some are for free. If you have any problem getting the article you want, just contact me via eMail 🙂

If you are looking for a more academic listing of some of my publications, here is my ORCiD,
and you can find me on Amazon here.