Systemic Innovation

This material considers how science, technology, society and design can work together from a systems perspective to emerge thrivable societies.

Articles on systemic innovation you can find online:

  • Systemic Innovation for Thrivable Cities – 2021. Get it here.
  • Leadership and systemic innovation: socio-technical systems, ecological systems, and evolutionary systems design – 2018. Get it here.
  • The Leadership of Co-Creative Innovation – Systems, Technology, Society. Preface to the Special Edition of Systems Research and Behavioral Science – 2018. Get it here.
  • Systemic Innovation, Education and the Social Impact of the Systems Sciences – 2017. Get it here.
  • Emerging the Evolutionary Corporation in a Sustainable World: Toward a Theory Guided Field of Practice – book chapter – 2010. Get it here.
  • The evolutionary challenge for technology – 2003. Get it here.
  • Systems theories: Their origins, foundations, and development” (with S. Krippner). In J.S. Jordan (Ed.), Systems theories and a priori aspects of perception – book chapter – 1998. Get it here.
  • Cognitive maps and the energy-culture interaction. – 1990. Get it here.

Other articles – not available online:

  • The difference between strategies for innovation within the box, and those that transform the box itself“. Spanish language Op.Ed. for the MIT Sloan Management Review, premier Latin American edition, Vol. 1, No. 1, Fall 2018.
  • Leaders of change: From knowledge to action through social innovation networks” (with K.C. Laszlo). Transferencia, 21(81) Jan. 2008, pp. 30-31.
  • Lessons from Italy: The promise of socio-technical systems theory for the future of flexible manufacturing networks.”  In R.R. Delgado (Ed.), The International Systems Handbook.  Madrid: SESGE, 1992.
  • Mapping the link between energy alternatives and cultural attitudes: Holistic thinking, socio-cultural dynamics, and energy policy formulation.”  Proceedings of the Fifth International Fuschl Conversation of the International Systems Institute, Fuschl, Austria, 1990.

If you have any problem getting any of these materials, feel free to contact me 🙂