What’s Going On

This is my activities and events page.  Here you’ll find what I’m up to and some of the things I’m into.  If you see something that you’d like to participate in, too, by all means come join me! And if you want to know more about one thing or another, don’t hesitate to Get in Touch. Whenever possible, I’ll post a reflection, impression or learning from the things in which I participate in my blog section.  That way, you’ll get to see what I see as valuable or worthy of note, even if you weren’t involved, yourself. 🤠

BTW, all times are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). To convert to your local time, you can use this link: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

Galileo Commission book Launch

Celebrating the publication of «The Great Upshift» and the Seven-Point Upshift Manifesto. As author of the Keynote Chapter on "The Upshift to Syntony in Thought and Action" in Cluster 4 of Part Two on Upshifting Ourselves — Upshifting Our Thinking, I will be one of three speakers on the Panel in Session 3.

LearningPlanet Festival

This is the 5th edition of the LearningPlanet Festival, celebrating, as always, learning to take care of oneself, each other, and our planet. This year, the theme is Architects of Tomorrow: Building a Learning Planet, which we will explore along three axes: Intergenerational Societies, Lifelong Learning, and truly Transformative Action. Together with Global Education futures […]