Science and Spirituality

Here you’ll find material that explores the nature of reality in both spiritual and scientific traditions.

Articles on science and spirituality that you can find online:

  • Understanding Oneness: How Science and Spirituality See the World – 2021. Get it here.
  • Source of Wonder – 2020. Watch it now.
  • Practices that Ensoul the Cosmos: expressions of connectedness – 2020. Read it now.
  • Being Human in a Technological World – 2019. Watch now.
  • The Nature of Evolution – 2009. Get it here.

Other articles on science and spirituality – not available online:

  • What Is Reality? The New Map of Cosmos and Consciousness (with E. Laszlo), New York, NY: SelectBooks, Inc., 2016.
  • “Are You Available? Augmenting Access to the Akasha Dimension.” For The Huffington Post – Healthy Living section, 16 October 2012.
  • “Humanistic and systems sciences: The birth of a third culture” (with E. Laszlo). Pluriverso, 3(1), April 1998. 108-121.
  • “Science and socio-ecological responsibility.” In E. Vogel et al. (Eds.). The second inter-American environmental congress.  Mexico: ITESM, 1995.  276-281.
  • “The ethical implications of the social impact of genetic screening for employment” (with E. Laszlo).  In La responsabilité éthique dans le développement biomédical, Archives de l’Institut International des Sciences Théoriques, vol. 28.  Luvain-la-Neuve: CIACO, 1987. Pp. 331-341.
  • “Technological racism and unnatural selection: Foreseeable systemic impacts of a genetic screening of the workforce” (with E. Laszlo). Forum for Correspondence and Contact, 15(1), March 1985. Pp. 31-35.
  • Human experimentation: What’s ethical in medical research.” Brookhaven Bulletin, 39(31), 9 August 1985.
  • The Call of Science” [Part II]. Brookhaven Bulletin, 39(30), 2 August 1985.
  • The Call of Science” [Part I]. Brookhaven Bulletin, 39(30), 2 August 1985.
  • Tales from TRISTAN: Users, lasers, and short-lived isotopes.” Brookhaven Bulletin, 39(26), 28 June 1985.

If you have any problem getting any of these materials, feel free to contact me 🙂