Syntony Starter Kit

If you want to get into more specific syntony-related material, here are some good (and relatively short) articles to review. The four articles marked with an asterisk (*) are key to understanding syntony.

Articles on syntony that you can find online:

  • * Learning how to Human better through Syntony – 2019. Read it now.
  • Curating a Culture of Peace and Empathy through Syntony – 2019. Read it now. 
  • No Time to Rush – 2020. Read it on Medium.
  • * Practices that Ensoul the Cosmos: Expressions of Connectedness – 2020. Read it on Medium.
  • * Living Systems, Seeing Systems, Being Systems: Learning to be the systems we wish to see in the world. Spanda Journal, 2015 on Systemic Change. Pp. 165-173. Read it now.
  • Interview on Humaning Well for “Self Discovery” with Sara Troy – 2021. View it now.

Articles on the praxis of syntony research:

  • The Epistemological Foundations of Evolutionary Systems Design – 2001. Get it here.
  • Evolutionary Systems Design: A praxis for sustainable development – 2003. Get it here.

Material available for immediate access:

  • * “Are You Available? Augmenting Access to the Akasha Dimension.” For The Huffington Post – Healthy Living section, 16 October 2012. Read it now.
  • Glossary of Key Terms – useful words on Syntony demystified. Read it now.