I was once asked to create a little exercise on syntony for teens and pre-teens based on a lecture I delivered to the annual conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences in 1999 in Monterey, California.  In fact, I held a special Youth Session for the children of the parents attending that conference specifically for this purpose.  My conference lecture was titled “Syntony as an Organizing Force in Societal Evolution”, but that title just wouldn’t do for the youth session, so I rephrased it as “May the Force be With You” (very original, don’t you think?). You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to get the reference, but it helps… 


Here’s the research question I posed: What’s the difference between The Force and Syntony?  After all, they seem pretty much alike:

  • both exist all around you (not just in you)
  • both involve a set of skills and competencies that you need to develop
  • both don’t simply “happen” by either trying to force it or just wishing you could command the energy of the universe at will
  • both need you to make them happen — they don’t just happen to you (no matter how much you want them to)
  • both require attention and a kind of “tuning in” to something bigger than us
  • both call on you to use your power creatively and responsibly
  • both are tremendously cool (even totally awesome).

If you were to think about this Hollywood notion of The Force, without all the hype and all the pure entertainment bull that surrounds it, do you think there is anything like it that REALLY exists?  If so, how would you go about learning about it and putting it to use in your everyday life (because we can’t all become Jedi Knights for a living)?  And while we’re at it: what’s the difference between Spirit and The Force and what you understand Syntony to mean? 

I am one with Syntony and The Force is one with me… 

So, the main questions I think young padawans can help me learn about are those.  

I’ll repeat them here:

  1. If there were such a thing as The Force, how would you help others understand what it is (without turning it into mere movie magic), and how is it different from and similar to Spirit?
  2. How would you learn (and help others to learn) how to tap into it and become skilled at using it every day, all the time?

That’s the training exercise.  Just remember, this is not a joke for me.  I really want to find out these things, and you can help.  

Okay okay, I’ll go now.  

– O. B. QuietTheLaszlo ⚡🧙🏼‍♂️⚡

If you want to see the conference lecture on which this blog is based (referenced above), you can access and download a PDF version of it here: A. Laszlo. Syntony as an organizing force in societal evolution. 1999.